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About Therapist

During my 3 years of working as masseuse in the UK, I have been studying Thai massage at many schools in the UK and in Thailand. I have learned about all styles of massages, the human body, and I have gained invaluable experiences by working in many different places.

The main things I have learnt:

- Take care on my customers

- Massage with my heart as well as my hands and feet

- The More I learn, the more I realise I need to learn

- Honestly cleanliness & Kindness are the most important things

Health Massage

Massage for health focuses on the healthy promotion for both physical and mental health in order to be in perfect condition, resulting in the correct circulation of blood throughout the body, the stretching of tight ligaments and relief of the stressed muscles from your daily work routine, to improve bone and muscle function and to keep the flexibility of the joints to make it free from tightness.

It also helps in relaxing, comfortable posture, stress-relieving and rejuvenating, so your massage is like an elixir. it helps people to have better health in a very direct way. 

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