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Value & Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is the science and art of Thai people to maintain healthy. It has been long passed on from experiences in the struggle against pain from generation. The principles of operation and methods are unique and developed into a level of value of Thai massage, which includes value for health and social and metal relationship. 

Benefits of Foot Massage


Due to feet are the rest of the body, it is the combination of the centre of the nerve en, and those nerves are running through the body. Foot reflexology is a way to help the blood to circulate to the organs better,  the waste from the cells are eliminated, and it balances the body.So, it helps improving overall health.

Benefits about Herbal steam for postpartum

"Mother Care After Birth"

(2 hrs per once/ a week)
lying near the fire with body herbal steam will open the pores and eliminate sweats and wastes out of the body resulting in the better healthy skin. 

It helps"

- relieve stress on muscles, blood veins, and tendons; it is able to melt down cellulite after childbirth

- blood circulation, excrete lochia, relax and refresh the body

- scrubs brightens the skin and eliminates dirt out of the body


Massage for health focuses on the healthy promotion for both physical and mental health in order to be in perfect condition, resulting in the correct circulation of blood throughout the body, the stretching of tight ligaments and relief of the stressed muscles from your daily work routine, to improve bone and muscle function and to keep the flexibility of the joints to make it free from tightness. It also help in relaxing, comfortable posture, Stress-relieving and rejuvenating, so your massage it like an elixir. It help people to have better health in a very direct way.

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Wandee’s Thai Therapy

We concern more about all of our customers, including cleanliness of the room, warm oil , warm bed, afford to treat customers nicely.
 We are well-selected every items in the shop to make sure that all therapy will be the best services for our customers.

Odorless coconut oil:

For treatment and protect the skin

Green oil:

Relieve body aches, sprains

WangWan brand balm:

Relieves Worn-out joints, locked joints, Cures and loosens injured and stiff tendons cures cramps. Apply to diabetes wounds. Help heal bones and sore joints.

Medicated oil WangWan Brand:

Relieves Worn-out joints, locked joints, Cures and loosens injured and stiff tendons cures cramps. Apply to diabetes wounds. Help heal bones and sore joints.
WangWan Plus oil:

Relieve body aches, sprains Suitable for athletes And fitness Reduce cramping symptoms Muscle pain

Nam Prung thai:

For aroma massage Nam prung thai is one of the thai Classical Perfumes in Siam Palace.


Herbal Massage Herbal Compress Massage boosts emotional well-being while soothing aching muscles and stiff joints. Sticking to traditional techniques, a muslin cloth is infused with herbs and spices and then steamed to release their medicinal properties.
Your therapist will then move the compress balls across your body, creating a series of circular motions to aid the release of toxins and penetrate heat into the tissues.

Details of massage 

Wandee's Thai therapy technique is to blend every massage technique with Thai massage in every session which is our distinctive benefit

for customer experience and makes customers feel relaxed after the massage.

The team of Wandee's Thai therapy work with our hearts, will not run against time and do not take advantage of customers.


The 30 minute massage is a short session. So, we can massage only the area that the customer wants.


For a 60 minutes massage, if you have a Swedish or Aromatherapy massage, you might want a full body session without any deep tissue or pressure on to the deep muscles.


If it's a 60 minute massage and if we can't massage the whole body (Depending on the customer's problem) we might not finish full body within time because we do not rush to heal.


90 minutes, 2 hours or more is the best massage therapy because it is not too much of a hurry and we can take time for reflexology and deep tissue massage. It will not cause customers to feel too much pain It also makes customers feel more relaxed and comfortable.

In case the customer has never massaged before the first time massage We will gradually heal and not massage into the muscles too deeply the first time.


 Symptoms and after massage 

After Thai massage, Thai sports massage, Thai Deep tissue massage

It is a massage to relieve acupressure points, the tight body or fascia , you will feel pain while massage and after massage.

It will take about 1-2 days, depending on each person's symptoms and body. After that, customers will feel more relieved and comfortable.


We will not massage customers with the following symptoms:

* Infectious diseases, fever, tremors

* Skin disease because it will cause the infection to spread to other areas and spread to the therapist as well.

* When there is inflammation because it will increase inflammation.

* Do not massage the wound area,  it may cause the wound to repeat or split the wound.

* The cancerous area will allow the cancer to spread.


Recommendation after the massage:

1. Refrain from slang food such as oily food, fried food, beer, pickles.

2. Do not shake, squeeze, bend the painful part.

3. Do not take a shower immediately. Spaced 1-2 hours after the massage.

4. Drink lots of water, get enough sleep and should not exercise strenuously after the massage.

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